Deutsche Börse publishes latest turnover numbers

Deutsche Börse has just published its latest turnover numbers. Order book turnover on Xetra, Börse Frankfurt and Tradegate Exchange across all asset classes stood at EUR 137.3 billion in July (July 2014: EUR 99.1 billion).

Of the EUR 137.3 billion, EUR 127.4 billion were attributable to Xetra (July 2014: EUR 91.3 billion). The average daily turnover on Xetra stood at EUR 5.5 billion in July (July 2014: EUR 4.0 billion). A turnover of EUR 4.4 billion was attributable to Börse Frankfurt (July 2014: EUR 4.1 billion).

Order book turnover on Tradegate Exchange totalled approximately EUR 5.5 billion in July (July 2014: EUR 3.7 billion).

Broken down by asset classes, cash market turnover in equities reached about EUR 117.5 billion; turnover in ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and similar instruments amounted to EUR 17.4 billion; turnover in bonds was EUR 0.7 billion, and in structured products EUR 1.5 billion.

The electronic trading platform Eurex Bonds traded EUR 6.7 billion (single counting, mainly government bonds) in July (July 2014: EUR 7.0 billion). Viewed by transactions, a total of 20.6 million trades were executed on Xetra in July (July 2014: 15.7 million).