Geneva-based asset management company Argos Investment Managers SA is changing its name to QUAERO Capital SA.

The firm says the rebranding is driven by its continuing international expansion and a growing concern that its original name may lead to confusion with other businesses in the sector.

Founded in 2005 in Geneva, QUAERO Capital describes itself as a specialist investment management boutique that offers a range of actively managed, high-conviction funds with a commitment to fundamental research and original thinking. ‘Quaero’ – the Latin word for ‘I research’ or ‘I seek’, is consistent with that commitment, it adds.

QUAERO Capital is 100 percent employee owned. Its founding partners, Cristofer Gelli and Philip Best, were joined in 2011 by CEO Jean Keller and, in 2014, by Head of Development Thierry Callault.

Co-founder and Chairman Cristofer Gelli said: “We are creating an environment where talented investment professionals work in a culture which promotes investment excellence. We believe that this is the key to delivering consistent and repeatable returns over the long term.”