China, Germany leapfrog Singapore, Japan

China and Germany have leapfrogged Singapore and Japan as the most strategic sources of new investment capital, after the United States and the United Kingdom, over the next five years according to BNY Mellon’s annual investor relations survey. The survey shows that China moved up from fifth to third place, while Germany surged from seventh to fourth place, overtaking Singapore and Japan’s spots in the prior survey.

Companies also continue to increase their interactions with sovereign wealth funds (SWFs); almost two-thirds of respondents say they engaged with SWFs over the past year.

The survey, Global Trends in Investor Relations, looks at how publicly traded companies are managing their IR practices and the issues that affect them. Now in its tenth edition, the 2015 version is based on results from 550 respondents across 54 countries that span the range of market cap and industry sectors, including financials, industrials, consumer, technology and healthcare.