Funds under management up £36 billion

The Investment Association has publishes its statistics for authorised investment funds for 2015. It highlights a number of salient facts:

Funds under management reached a record high of £871 billion;

Net retail sales were £18 billion in 2015;

Equity was the best-selling asset class for the second consecutive year with net retail sales of £8.4 billion;

UK Equity Income was the best-selling Investment Association sector for the second year running with net retail sales of £4.3 billion;

There were record net retail sales of tracker funds in 2015 of £5.4 billion and funds under management in this niche hit an all-time high of £108 billion.

It was also a  record-breaking year for Money Market funds with net retail sales of £591 million.

Guy Sears, Interim Chief Executive of the Investment Association, said: “Despite market uncertainty surrounding China, commodity prices and central bank interest rate policy throughout 2015, we saw funds under management of authorised investment funds hit an all-time high of over £870 billion.

“After a slow start, net retail sales bounced back in the final three quarters of the year with investors favouring equity products, particularly European funds and those with an income focus.”