Structured growth substantial

Deutsche Börse reports that trading in structured products via the Börse Frankfurt venue grew substantially in 2015, the number of orders executed rising for the third consecutive year to a total of 2.35 million transactions. This is up by around 22 percent on the 2014 equivalent; turnover also increased year-on-year, by about 19 percent to EUR 18.8 billion.

Börse Frankfurt’s market share for structured products in Germany in 2015 remained at a similar level to the previous year, with 38.8 percent for executed transactions and 36.1 percent for turnover; however, the share of executed orders rose to 42.5 percent in Q4.

The average order size fell slightly from EUR 8,220 in 2014 to EUR 8,003 in 2015. On the other hand, the number of leveraged product orders executed climbed by more than 26 percent, with an average order size of EUR 5,421. The proportion of transactions by international participants also increased, to 11 percent (previous year: 7.7 percent).