AxiomSL opens Wroclaw bureau

AxiomSL, a global provider of regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, has opened a new office in Poland. It says this is in response to increased demand in Central and Eastern Europe from financial firms which must comply with a range of new regulatory requirements.

The establishment of this new office continues a pattern of rapid expansion for AxiomSL in Europe. In 2015, the company opened new offices in Luxembourg and Amsterdam; increased the number of employees in Europe by 30 percent and added coverage of a wide range of regulatory calculation and reporting requirements in France, Spain, Germany and Sweden. The company adds that it achieved similar levels of expansion in North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

“Our new office…will become an important hub for our work throughout Central and Eastern Europe,” said Ed Royan, chief operating officer EMEA. “Firms in the region must keep up with a range of new regulatory requirements and it is clear they are looking for a new, more efficient way to do this. We are offering them just that by giving them the opportunity to manage all of their regulatory calculation and reporting requirements on a single strategic platform. Our Polish team will be building out solutions that address local regulatory challenges and will be on hand to implement these for firms in the region.”

A team of 15 has been employed at the new office in Wrocław – the largest city in western Poland, which is renowned for its university of technology.