Pershing pushes new data insights

Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, has released additional big data analytics capabilities to help advisers improve processes and business performance through actionable insights.

The new solutions, part of BNY Mellon’s digital ecosystem, leverage its big data analytics platform to capture, store, analyse and use evidenced-based decision making to maximise client’s growth and productivity, it adds.

Accessible through Pershing’s NetX360 platform, the new data analytics capabilities will enable advisers to proactively manage risk and opportunities for investors. These include the following.

Identify and predict potential retention issues through a dashboard that provides a visually compelling view of a firm’s incoming and outgoing customer account transfer totals and contra brokers. The resulting analytics summarise the outlook for retention risks, helping to mitigate attrition and support advisor retention.

Use big data analytics to identify fully paid securities lending income opportunities for qualified investors on a daily basis and match them for consideration against every position across all qualified clients. Pershing says the solution automates and streamlines what had been a manual and time-consuming process with a single click. Introduced in beta phase in mid-2015, the solution, OpportunityView for Fully Paid Securities, is now widely available.

Visualise trends by metrics that are relevant to an adviser’s job function. Pershing offers persona-based dashboards that provide a wide selection of business views, including client segmentation, comparisons based on active and new accounts and top households by assets under management.