Mfact just got better: Linedata

Linedata, a global solutions provider to the investment management and credit industries, has released the latest version of its fund accounting software Linedata Mfact, focusing on streamlining and automating key processes and enhancing exception management capabilities.

Linedata Mfact forms a key part of the Linedata Admin Edge platform, supporting end-to-end fund administration for alternative, traditional and liquid alternative investment funds. It is adding the Linedata Optima specialist BPM tool to its functionality set, enabling centralized exception management and process monitoring.

Another time-saving and risk-reducing feature is a redesigned corrections module which automates all background calculations and processing steps required when changes to historical transactions are needed.

Linedata Optima has been created to remove manual operations by presenting a real-time view of all automated processing and exception messages on a single screen, allowing intervention at the earliest possible moment.

Linedata Optima employs a visual, intuitive approach to monitoring which means that information can be shared more widely throughout the organization, with specific views built for different user profiles. Errors and delays are thus dealt with as soon as possible, while efficiency, control and oversight are improved and operational risk is reduced. This new version of Linedata Mfact also sees further enhancements to the job scheduler to support Linedata Optima, adding more processes and enabling greater flexibility in the planning and scheduling of processes.