Quaero fund gains UCITS status

Quaero Capital’s real assets fund – the Argos Real Assets Fund – has been made available in UCITS form following a three-year incubation period.

The fund invests primarily in equities and real estate investment trusts in developed markets across the world to provide exposure to four key sub-classes: infrastructure, real estate, forestry assets and agricultural assets.

The fund, launched in 2012 and run by veteran investor Marc Ebert, is an actively managed, conservative, long-only, thematic equity fund.

Quaero CEO Jean Keller expressed his delight at the news, given the important attached to UCITS status by fund selectors.

“Real assets are offering exposure to very regular cash flows directly attached to ownership of land through a diversified portfolio of liquid stocks,” he said. “This provides investors [with] some interesting hedge in [a] period of economic hardship and inflation.”