Risk and performance analytics a problem

Portfolio managers are facing significant challenges when it comes to data accuracy and risk and performance analytics in the front office. This is one of the key issues identified in a recent survey released by SimCorp: Risk & Performance Analytics: Making the Front Office a Better Place.

The multiple systems, Excel sheets and frequent manual manipulations facing portfolio managers in order to gain an up-to-date 360º view of investments sit at the centre of the problem. The survey, a poll of 54 individuals from 34 firms across North America, suggests that:

76 percent of portfolio managers claim that they do not have the ability today to see the full range of risk figures and performance numbers for their total portfolio in one place and act upon them from there.

89 percent of portfolio managers surveyed cannot see on-demand performance and risk figures based on the latest positions and market data intra-day.

Less than half can drill down to the underlying prices, security master, and transactions for their positions.

Only 39 percent can easily perform pre- and post-trade compliance checks on risk figures for their total portfolio.