Salient picks SS&C for outsourcing

Salient Partners has selected SS&C to run its outsourced middle office and accounting processes leveraging Geneva, GoTrade+ and key aspects of its regulatory reporting.

Salient will also implement SS&C’s regulatory solutions for Form PF as well as the CFTC and NFA’s CPO-PQR requirements. These services are part of a suite of regulatory and compliance offerings, also consisting of solutions for FATCA, Form 13F, Open Protocol, and European regulatory initiatives such as AIFMD.

“We have a long-standing history working with both SS&C and Advent, so we are familiar with their capabilities,” said Rob Naka, COO, of Salient. “We believe that the flexibility of this outsourced deployment and servicing model will move us away from a fixed cost model to a variable cost model for our operations.”