Asset managers fail to capture data value

An independent survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Northern Trust shows that a flexible data strategy governed by strong leadership facilitates business decisions and helps asset managers capture more value from their data.

The survey, conducted across the United States and Europe among more than 200 asset management and insurance company executives, highlighted that while managers have access to better tools and technologies to help them benefit from new sources of data, many struggle to make sense of the deluge of data they receive on a daily basis.

Only 13 percent of respondents indicated they successfully capture the full value from all of their data. Nearly 30 percent reported that the volume of data makes it difficult to determine what is useful.

The EIU survey showed that executives who believe their organisation captures value from data “entirely” or “fairly well” twice as often (67 versus 33 percent) also say that their data strategy is “mostly” or “entirely” flexible. Those organisations with “entirely” or “mostly flexible” data strategies more often reported monthly or quarterly assessments to review the effectiveness of their data strategies. The survey findings underscore the importance of a nimble approach to data management combined with strong executive leadership to prioritise goals. The data suggested that companies should set up a centralised leadership structure, orchestrated by an individual or team with a holistic overview of the company and a strong collaborative spirit, to leverage data more effectively.

“We collaborate with many of our clients by providing meaningful data to help them focus on the direction of their core businesses,” said Serge Boccassini, global product solutions manager at Northern Trust. “Developing a comprehensive and flexible data management strategy is essential for asset managers to succeed in a competitive marketplace.”

Approximately half of those surveyed in the third quarter of last year work for managers with assets over US$5 billion. Geographically, survey respondents were evenly split between the United States and Europe. Five in-depth interviews were also conducted with industry experts and academics to complement the survey, says Northern Trust.