Eurex pushes on

The international derivatives markets of Eurex, part of Deutsche Börse Group, recorded an average daily volume of 10.5 million contracts (March 2015: 9.6 million). Of those, 8.2 million were Eurex Exchange contracts (7.3 million a year earlier), and 2.3 million contracts (2.3 million) were traded at the New York-based International Securities Exchange (ISE).

At Eurex Exchange, the equity index derivatives segment totaled 92.5 million contracts (79.1 million the previous March). The single largest contract was the future on the EURO STOXX 50 Index with 43.8 million contracts; and the options on this blue chip index totaled 25.2 million contracts. Futures on the DAX index recorded 2.7 million contracts while the DAX options reached another 2.6 million contracts. The Eurex KOSPI Product recorded 1.4 million contracts.

The equity derivatives (equity options and single stock futures) segment at Eurex Exchange reached almost 23.3 million contracts (versus 27.9 million). Thereof, equity options totaled 16.3 million contracts and single stock futures equaled 7.0 million contracts.