Axioma Risk implemented at HedgeMark

Axioma, a provider of risk and portfolio management solutions, says that HedgeMark International, a BNY Mellon company, has completed the implementation of Axioma Risk.

Said Sebastian Ceria, chief executive officer of Axioma: “Existing risk management solutions rely on legacy systems and technology that cannot meet the demands of modern multi-asset class investing. Axioma Risk is a purpose-built multi-asset class risk platform that leverages the latest technology to deliver unparalleled performance and flexibility, which is precisely why forward-thinking industry leaders like HedgeMark are implementing it.”

Added Andrew Lapkin, CEO of HedgeMark: “As our clients increasingly look for customisation options for their hedge fund investments, it’s critical that we employ flexible technology that can accommodate the layer of complexity this adds to managing risk. Axioma’s modular cloud-based platform was clearly the best solution for us to deliver detailed risk analysis on global multi-asset class portfolios for our clients.”

Converting to Axioma Risk allows HedgeMark to process reports substantially earlier in the morning and to compute more analytics on a broader array of assets. HedgeMark uses Axioma Risk on over 35,000 securities every night and 250,000 securities for month-end reporting. The platform is set up to calculate over 1,000 distinct statistics, including hundreds of scenarios and stress tests across five different global market simulation sets.

“Axioma Risk enables asset managers and risk managers alike to navigate the complex investment landscape by providing timely, consistent and comparable views of risk across the entire organization and asset classes,” said Ceria. “While legacy solutions struggle to keep pace, the inherent flexibility of our platform positions Axioma to continue winning share of the US$1 billion enterprise risk market as we help clients succeed in a constantly changing environment.”