Deutsche Börse in data link with TAIFEX


Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX) and Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services have signed a market data partnership agreement; Deutsche Börse will act as the licensor of TAIFEX market data and information products to all international clients.

Said Chang-Ching Lin, senior executive vice president, Taiwan Futures Exchange: “Building on our strong performance in recent years, TAIFEX has grown into one of the key derivatives exchanges of the region. With the sophistication of the market, we keep pursuing ways to solidify our international presence. This co-operation allows TAIFEX to leverage Deutsche Börse’s international channels and alliances to significantly expand our market data client base and attract foreign investors to participate in Taiwan’s market. Deutsche Börse will benefit by broadening its data services business. This will create a clear win-win situation.

“The co-operation will make it even easier for international clients to access TAIFEX’ market data, and strengthen our future product innovation capabilities.”