Liquidnet completes Invitations roll-out

Global institutional trading network Liquidnet reports the successful global rollout of Targeted Invitations, the latest advancement in its mission to help the buy-side source deeply hidden institutional liquidity. Initially launched in Europe late last year, Targeted Invitations is now also available in the US and Asia Pacific, says Liquidnet.

Said Seth Merrin, founder and CEO: “The success of Targeted Invitations globally represents Liquidnet taking on one of the last bastions of inefficiency for the buy-side: the sales trading process.”

Targeted Invitations allows qualifying Members to seek out additional block liquidity by sending actionable invitations within the Liquidnet community, while still keeping both sides anonymous. Only those with recent qualifying activity in the same symbol will receive Targeted Invitations. Unlike indications of interest (IOIs), Liquidnet’s Targeted Invitations are firm and committed orders and are available only to Members who fit the eligibility criteria, so that all participants can have confidence that their information is secure within Liquidnet.