Murphy to chair Invest Europe

Dr Gerry Murphy, senior managing director and chairman of Blackstone Europe, has become chairman of Invest Europe, succeeding Max Römer, Founding Partner of Quadriga Capital.

During his term, Murphy says he intends to promote the benefits of private capital investments to the recovering European economy, and ensure recognition for strong governance standards at investment companies. He will also highlight the importance of transparency in all dealings with companies and investors, building on Invest Europe’s industry-leading best practice guide set out in the new Professional Standards Handbook and Investor Reporting Guidelines.

He adds: “Invest Europe has achieved real influence in Europe thanks to its clear explanation of the benefits of private capital to companies and institutional investors. But we are mindful that the industry also faces ongoing challenges in Europe and internationally. We will work hard to ensure that firms with a focus on long term investment operate to the highest standards of governance and transparency, and that regulation does not unfairly penalise them or the millions of pensioners and savers who invest in them through pension schemes and insurance products.”