IPC launches ETF cloud service

IPC Systems has launched a Financial Markets Cloud service for securely and reliably trading exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It says the solution enables sell-side firms as well as its own community of over 4,000 buy-side firms comprised of institutional investors, insurance companies, corporate treasuries, asset managers and hedge funds to trade ETFs electronically or via voice.

“The combination of ETFs and our Financial Markets Cloud offers a powerful and transformational paradigm for the rapidly evolving global fixed income markets where sourcing liquidity, mitigating risk, connecting market participants and enabling all-to-all trading have become imperative,” said Joseph Pickel, global head of sales and marketing, Financial Markets Network, IPC.

“Today’s announcement underscores our unwavering commitment to providing market participants with next generation solutions to reliably and securely trade ETFs in listed and over-the-counter markets around the world.”