Pioneering NAV solution from BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon’s US Investor Solutions Group has launched a real-time service to deliver net asset values (NAV) and daily dividend accrual rates for mutual funds, claiming that it is the first transfer agent to leverage the technology utilised by DTCC to deliver NAV data.

“Our first-to-market MQ technology delivery service enables asset managers to accelerate the delivery of key data – such as NAVs and daily dividend accrual rates – to intermediaries, thereby increasing their ability to meet critical nightly processing windows,” said Christine Gill, head of BNY Mellon’s Investor Solutions Group.

“The value of this improved turnaround time flows end-to-end to all stakeholders, not only to intermediaries, but in turn to the clients they serve, and ultimately to shareholders.”

The importance of providing timely data to broker-dealers has been increasing as these intermediaries have gathered a growing percentage of mutual fund assets on their platforms, according to BNY Mellon.