builds strategic partnership, the joint venture between IHS Markit and Genpact, today announced a strategic partnership with Dow Jones, Exiger and Regulatory DataCorp (RDC) to deliver an end to end know your customer (KYC) process integrating compliance, onboarding, sanctions, screening, negative media searches and client risk assessment. The alliance of these global firms will drive standardisation and compliance across regulatory regimes and multiple jurisdictions, they says. centralises operations around client onboarding and sets a policy standard for data quality and completeness devised by the industry. The service represents a market share of 72 percent of the G14 dealers and over 2,100 buyside firms and corporations.

The service will be powered with regulatory risk data and screening processing from RDC. The screening engine integrates RDC’s Global Regulatory Information Database (GRID) of over seven million profiles with risk relevant information. Additionally, GRID can incorporate other risk data sets using patented matching algorithms and technology-enabled analyst review to deliver accurate results to a rating engine. Every entity within the platform can also be continually monitored for change in their risk profile ensuring maximum protection for users at all stages of the relationship, not just at onboarding.