Euroclear enhances its Collateral Highway

Euroclear has further enhanced its Collateral Highway with the addition of a connection to Pirum’s Securities Lending services. The new connectivity will allow Pirum’s clients to automate the instruction management of their collateral exposures, including the daily adjustment of transactions using Pirum’s RQV (Required Collateral Value) service. This combined with the integration of Euroclear’s collateral reporting will reduce their operational burden.

Pirum CEO Rajen Sheth commented: “The recent product launch with Euroclear now enables Pirum clients to connect with the three major tri party agents in a real-time and automated manner. The addition of this Euroclear RQV functionality to the existing collateral management platform shows our continued commitment to building innovative solutions that provide cost reduction and improved operational risk for our clients.”

Olivier Grimonpont, global head of collateral management and securities lending at Euroclear, added: “As securities lending becomes increasingly granular and time sensitive, we are continuously seeking ways to improve our client’s collateral management experience. This roll out of new functionality is a continuous process for our clients to drive operational efficiencies.”