CUISIP enhances CUISIP Pulse

CUSIP Global Services (CGS) a  provider of  security and entity identifiers and descriptive data that enable efficient global trading, has launched an enhanced version of its popular New Issue Alert Service, CUSIP Pulse, which now provides automated, near real-time updates on any changes to the CUSIP database.

Designed to improve reference data transparency by providing market participants with timely updates on any changes made to the CUSIP database, the new CUSIP Pulse service automatically alerts subscribers when new securities are added, or when a change – such as a corporate action, issue suspension, or maturity date update – is made to an existing record. These updates are provided every 15 minutes, giving market participants near real-time insight into any material changes to the underlying reference data in their portfolios and security master files.

The new enhancement is an upgrade to the previous CUSIP New Issue Alert service, which only included information on new issues, not changes to existing CUSIP records.

“Timely, consistent, and quality reference data has become a critical cornerstone of marketplace efficiency as regulatory reforms and risk and compliance best practices demand greater transparency,” said Roger Fahy, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of CGS. “CUSIP Pulse delivers all CUSIP data activity in a frequency and format that meets our industry’s single file timeliness needs while freeing up valuable database resources.”