Zilliqa hires former BlackRock and JPMorgan financial specialist, En Hui Ong

Zilliqa, an anticipated high-speed blockchain technology platform that has the potential to rival the global transaction throughput of VISA, has announced that En Hui Ong, a specialist in financial product sales and marketing, will be joining the company as their Head of Business Development.  Previously with BlackRock and hired directly from JPMorgan, En Hui is a star candidate who will transition her career from financial services to blockchain to help Zilliqa bring its technology to major commercial partners in the coming year.

 Commenting on why she chose to leave JPMorgan and join Zilliqa, En Hui said: “The biggest draw for me is the team. In blockchain, a young and evolving space, the Zilliqa team is very different from most projects out there.  The core team are tight knit, mostly from research backgrounds, and I value the professionalism and integrity that they stand for.  That’s what makes Zilliqa special and why I chose to join them.”

 Before joining Zilliqa, En Hui worked in Financial Services with her most recent role being that she was in the Intermediary Sales Team at JPMorgan Asset Management covering pension funds, insurance companies and banks in Singapore. Before that she spent 4 years at BlackRock where she was in a sales role marketing ETFs and funds to intermediaries in Southeast Asia. She speaks fluent Japanese, Chinese and English.

 “En Hui is an incredible candidate and she instantly fits in perfectly with the Zilliqa team,” said Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa. “We are absolutely thrilled that she decided to join our project and bring her skills and expertise to our project.  It’s a testament to the potential of our technology and blockchain in general that we are able to hire such a qualified person to join our team directly from JPMorgan.”

 Originally developed by a team of researchers at the National University of Singapore, Zilliqa is based on the technology of blockchain sharding and will allow for a high throughput public blockchain platform that is both secure and scalable.