OeKB CSD has been granted a licence as CSD according to EU Regulation

OeKB CSD GmbH (OeKB CSD), a hundred-percent subsidiary of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank
AG, has been granted the licence as a CSD according to EU Regulation (EU) No. 909/2014 (“CSDR“) by the Financial Market Authority this week.

The licence confirms compliance with the comprehensive regulatory requirements governing the organisation of CSDs in the EU and is a prerequisite for OeKB CSD to continue providing its core services to the Austrian capital market.

Secure, efficient access to the capital market

“The objective of the CSDR is to standardise diverse requirements for CSDs in Europe and to create equal conditions for the entire financial sector. The granted licence confirms our excellent performance in our core business and that we are a reliable partner for our clients in the capital market,” says Georg Zinner, Managing Director of OeKB CSD.

“We hold about 15,000 securities of Austrian issuers worth 600 billion Euros for Austrian and international banks whose securities transactions we settle. The granted licence is another step in OeKB CSD’s approach to ensure a safe and efficient access to the Austrian capital market,” explains Peter Felsinger, who together with Georg Zinner is the Managing Director of OeKB CSD.