BNY Mellon Investment Management Announces Mellon as New Name of U.S. Investment Manager

Following the successful integration of BNY Mellon Investment Management’s U.S. multi-asset manager, the firm will be branded Mellon effective on January 2, 2019. The firm was formed in 2018 to combine the active equity strategies of The Boston Company; the active fixed income strategies of Standish Mellon; and the index, multi-asset and multi-factor strategies of Mellon Capital to create a next-generation multi-asset investment manager.

“With its long heritage in the investment community and strong associations with wealth and prosperity, Mellon is a natural name for our business,” said Chairman and CEO Des Mac Intyre. “The combined business represents a step beyond traditional investment management, delivering integrated multi-asset expertise from one firm.”

“Our clients’ continued partnership affirms the benefits of bringing together the capabilities of these three firms,” said Mac Intyre. “With our clients’ feedback in mind, we identified a new brand that captures the essence of the past and the promise of our future. We believe today’s announcement marks the next step in our journey together to deliver superior investment outcomes for clients.”

Mitchell Harris, CEO of BNY Mellon Investment Management, commented, “Your brand is an extension of your business, and it should reinforce the value you provide. Mellon is a common thread through all of the legacy brands and has a strong global reputation with investors. Our new U.S. investment manager Mellon will have its own unique identity and strengths, similar to our other investment specialists, reinforced by the world-class capabilities and scale of BNY Mellon Investment Management.”