SWIFT gets Smart

SWIFT says it plans to launch SWIFTSmart, an eLearning platform that administrates, documents, tracks, reports and delivers a full catalogue of digital courses and social learning.

It describes SWIFTSmart as an interactive, cloud-based service that will provide a digital catalogue of courses available in short content modules with animations, exercises, and quizzes to help all users understand and use SWIFT more effectively. It adds that the new service will offer all swift.com account holders the ease of access via single sign on and will be available from any secure internet connection, working across multiple portable devices and operating systems. It can also be configured to adapt to different user profiles, behaviours and requirements. Customised training programmes will also be available via SWIFT’s consulting services business.

“Education best practices have significantly evolved over the last 30 years,” says Dana Brants, head of services, SWIFT. “With user communities increasingly looking for flexibility in terms of how they access and participate in training courses, eLearning is the future. Today, over 40 percent of fortune 500 companies are now using some form of educational technology. SWIFT is in a great place to revolutionise its training programme, offering a more digital and interactive approach that supports growing customer requirements.”

It says the key benefits of SWIFTSmart include:

  • Reduced operational risk, increased staff productivity and fewer support calls;
  • Faster on-boarding of new members and/or employees;
  • Better tracking of training effectiveness and more comprehensive learning analytics;
  • Better time-to-market and more appropriate training content;
  • Lower and more predictable cost of training;
  • Progressive learning experience and efficiency; and
  • Minimised disruption of day-to-day business due to 24/7 availability.