PIMCO to use kyc.com

kyc.com reports that asset management firm PIMCO has selected it and Markit, a provider of financial information services, to complement its due diligence and onboarding requirements.

“PIMCO looks forward to working closely with Markit in using Counterparty Manager, Tax Utility, kyc.com and the entire regulatory and compliance ecosystem,” said Tracey Jordal, executive vice president and senior counsel for Trading and Markets at PIMCO. “The seamless interoperability between these platforms to support client onboarding, master agreement negotiation and tax validation as a unified group of steps is particularly beneficial.”

“This is a fantastic win for kyc.com and Markit’s Solutions division,” said Darren Thomas, managing director, head of Counterparty Manager at Markit. “We are committed to delivering the best products and services which includes our integrated ecosystem for tax, KYC, AML and legal and credit agreements. PIMCO is forward thinking in its adoption of new technology to efficiently address regulatory change. Our strong partnership has enabled us to evolve our solutions with an extensive network of connected brokers, custodians, and fund administrators.”