Blockchain - is it overhyped?

International Securities Servies VidChat - Blockchain

This is a conversation hosted by ISS Magazine between Brian Bollen (Chair), Fiona Hamilton (Volante Technologies), Johann Palychata (BNP Paribas) and Axel Pierron (Opimas) about the future of blockchain and whether it has been over-hyped.

Has not blockchain been massively overhyped as the answer to everything in the financial world?

Is it not just the 21st Century real-world equivalent of The Wizard of Oz, all smoke and mirrors and no substance?

What benefits can it possibly deliver that conventional approaches and solutions can’t?

If we cannot even correctly identify the ‘founder’ of Bitcoin, how can we take anything related to it remotely seriously?

Isn’t blockchain a disaster waiting to happen?

Key points in the video:

00.00 - Who we are, a brief introduction

02.34 - Has Blockchain been over-hyped?

09.17 - Can we guarantee digital security?

16.24 - A digital vault rather than a physical vault?

21.11 - The benefits that Blockchain might deliver.

28.47 - Blockchain, hit or miss?