SS&C Advent: An efficient IBOR solution

screenshot-2016-11-21-23-17-19A report is now available from SS&C Advent on their IBOR solution

What is IBOR?

The IBOR (Investment Book of Records) is a single source of consolidated data that combines start-of-day and end-of-day positions. It provides an up-to-date view of positions and exposures to help support the investment decision-making process.

In recent years, the management of data quality has been a focus for investment managers. But the scope of data management has gradually broadened from its origins in market data to encompass position data too. Managers are increasingly concerned that the position data supporting investment decisions should be of the highest quality. The need for IBOR is driven, to a large degree, by this increasing demand from front office users for accurate, complete and timely position data.

What Does It Offer?

Simply put, IBOR offers the prospect of position data that is both timely and complete. And with the industry now moving toward implementing a single accounting system, whether in-house or outsourced, to help streamline processes and reduce systems cost, an IBOR is quickly becoming a necessity for firms.

Today, many market participants have initiatives planned or underway under an IBOR banner. These vary from tactical improvements to end-of-day and start-of-day processes, from extensions of intraday position-keeping in order management systems to fully independent master record-keeping for positions.

Traditionally, the front office has relied on portfolio accounting systems in the back office to supply the position data needed to make investment and trading decisions. However, the differing priorities and workflows of these two
parts of a firm mean they are not always in sync, and a growing number of firms are seeking to reconcile the differences between their front and back offices by creating an integrated IBOR solution.

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