UCITS for US Fund Managers

Veneziano & Partners have published a white paper addressed to US fund managers entitled “UCITS for US Fund Managers 2018″. The white-paper aims to illustrate the current state of the market for UCITS in Europe, Brexit and ESMA opinions, as well as the main issues faced by US fund managers when considering a UCITS fund project.

The UCITS brand is very strong and has been associated over time with a growing history of success in Europe and beyond. Designed with the retail investor in mind, UCITS has quickly acquired popularity especially among institutional investors all over the world.

Since inception in 1985, UCITS has now become a distinctive brand, utilised by managers globally and recognised by European and Asian investors.

The acronym UCITS stands for Undertaking for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities. Both the acronym and the features of the product represented by it are very well known in the United States too, where many fund managers have already decided to set up UCITS funds to accommodate their existing strategies and tap into one of the largest markets in the world.

“Whilst offering investments in non-European vehicles remains still possible in Europe,” says Attilio Veneziano, founder of Veneziano & Partners, “following this route has become increasingly more complicated and formal over the past few years since introduction of AIFM Directive.”

The passport regime granted to UCITS represents the core foundation of the freedom of movement within the European Union single market and is opposed to a private placement regime, where typically foreign investment vehicles are utilised to raise capital in Europe. The European market definitively still represents an attractive option for US fund managers and UCITS funds represent one opportunity to leverage a consolidated regime and increase assets under management and broaden your investor base globally.

The white paper can be downloaded at: www.venezianoandpartners.co.uk/ucits-usmanagers/