ISO 20022 – A simple guide, updated

In 2013, Fiona Hamilton, Vice President, Europe & Asia for Volante Technologies authored one of ISS-Mag’s most downloaded white papers of all time titled ISO 20022 – A simple guide to a complex subject  – Considerations for ISO 20022-based data integration.

Given the progress in global adoption over the intervening years, we felt it was timely to revisit the topic and update the paper.  We therefore asked Fiona to put pen to paper once again on the subject.


The sheer volume of information available on ISO 20022 has counter-intuitively made it harder for potential consumers to access the facts they need to make a clear and informed business or technical decision on how to proceed. This white paper looks to highlight salient points and provide the reader with the material they need to navigate the topic effectively.

In the paper you can expect to learn about the terms used in any ISO 20022 project; understand syntax and semantic properties; how ISO 20022 messages are arrived at, maintained, extended, restricted and their variants. How to implement proprietary messages and the complexities that can be experienced when implementing SWIFT ISO 20022 compliant messages. Consideration in the paper has also been given to how ISO 20022 is well positioned to provide the payload for API driven transactions.

If your firm is undergoing any ISO 20022 implementation project, we would urge you to read the white paper in full and keep it to hand for reference as you move forward into your ISO 20022 implementation.

To read the updated white paper, please click here.