Gresham’s Clareti platform awarded ‘Differentiating’ status in industry survey

Gresham Technologies plc has  featured in a key industry survey into reconciliations technology trends, published by Adox Research.

The timeliness of this report is underlined by Adox Research IT buyer data, which shows that 61% of financial services executives expect to increase their investments in reconciliations technology this year.

The Adox Research 8×8 Survey uses a data-driven methodology based on best practice blueprints, product questionnaires and demonstrations to compare capabilities, value propositions and market messages of eight leading providers of reconciliation solutions across eight measures of differentiation.

Gresham’s Clareti platform has been recognised as differentiating in five out of these eight categories:

  •  Usability
  •  Functionality
  •  Integration
  •  Service
  •  Vision

Gert Raeves, Research Director at Adox, commented, “Gresham’s technology innovation remains strong, with higher than average place for technologies like data lakes, RPA and AI. Its original focus on alternative and non-standard reconciliations has matured into a fully enterprise-ready solution, and the firm is focused on delivering end-to-end business value”

Paul White, Chief Marketing Officer at Gresham, said, “This report confirms that executives are demanding change, with 49% of surveyed buyers expecting to ‘adopt’ or ‘replace existing’ reconciliations technology this year.  A converging set of drivers including customer experience, process efficiency, compliance and customer acquisition all point to a need for absolute confidence that their firms have data integrity across their operations.”

A summary of the full research report can be downloaded here.