find out if the accused scammer hassan mehdi deleted crucial messages and accused the police of lying in the $1.7m fraud case. stay updated on the latest developments.

Did Accused Scammer Hassan Mehdi Delete Crucial Messages and Accuse Police of Lying in $1.7m Fraud Case?

In the midst of a $1.7 million fraud case, the spotlight has turned towards accused scammer Hassan Mehdi and troubling allegations of evidence tampering. Accusations suggest that crucial messages were deliberately deleted, with Mehdi further complicating matters by accusing law enforcement of falsehoods. As the legal turmoil unfolds, the integrity of the case hangs in the balance, raising questions of deception and accountability.

Hassan Mehdi’s Staggering Admission in Court

Accused of orchestrating a massive $1.7 million scam, Hassan Mehdi, the founder of Supercheap Security, made a significant admission during a tense cross-examination in the NSW Supreme Court. Mehdi confessed to deleting crucial messages and alleged that the police falsified the messages ostensibly found on his phone. Despite these admissions, Mehdi maintained his innocence.

The Business Set-Up and Fraud Allegations

Hassan Mehdi, a Melbourne-based Pakistani man, founded Supercheap Security in 2021. He then opened a bank account with NAB, which eventually became the focal point of the scam. The victims, including Jo O’Brien, almost $1.7 million into what they believed was a fixed-term investment account under their own names. Instead, their money was funneled offshore and stolen.

The Victims’ Lawsuit

The victims have filed a lawsuit against Mehdi, accusing him of either direct participation in or willful blindness to the scam. They allege that Mehdi played a crucial role, either by authorizing fraudulent bank transfers or by failing to stop them.

Mehdi’s Defense: A Friend Betrayed

Mehdi, representing himself, put forth a defense centered on his former friend, Muhammad Ali Waheed, who he claims took over the company. Mehdi asserted that he trusted Waheed, who allegedly wanted the company to trade in cryptocurrency and forex. This trust, according to Mehdi, led him to transfer control of Supercheap Security to Waheed.

Contradictory Testimonies and Evidence

During cross-examination, Mehdi was questioned about inconsistencies in his story. There was pressure regarding whether the new information published by ABC led him to alter his account of events. Further scrutiny was placed on WhatsApp messages between Waheed and another individual, which seemed to corroborate Waheed’s control over the NAB bank account.

  • Key Evidence: WhatsApp messages detailing the application for the company’s bank account and login details
  • Financial Links: Payments from Waheed to Mehdi, including $4,000 for legal fees

Arrest and Legal Proceedings

Mehdi was arrested in November 2022 as he attempted to leave Australia. He faced multiple charges for obtaining property by deception. Although Victoria Police later withdrew these charges, Mehdi was rigorously questioned in court regarding text messages allegedly found on his phone. Mehdi denied receiving these messages and accused the police of lying.

Deletion of Crucial Messages

Mehdi admitted to deleting WhatsApp messages between him and Waheed after he was released from custody. He claimed he wanted to sever all ties with Waheed and denied that this act was an attempt to destroy evidence. Mehdi argued that if he had kept the messages, they could have actually helped his case.

Financial Transactions Under Scrutiny

Mehdi’s financial records were thoroughly examined, revealing substantial transactions that the court scrutinized for legitimacy. Mehdi contended that these were all above-board, including a cash gift from Waheed and payments he sent to Pakistan via a foreign exchange broker.

Failure to Act on Suspicions

Mehdi maintained that Supercheap Security was a legitimate business venture intended to sell home security products online. He argued that the company’s dismal performance led him to hand it over to Waheed. The plaintiffs, however, viewed this handover as a façade for the fraud. Mehdi was accused of ignoring warning signs of fraud because he didn’t want to uncover the truth.

The Case Ahead

With the judge having reserved the decision, the fate of Hassan Mehdi and the resolution for the victims of this alleged scam hangs in the balance. The forthcoming judgment will determine whether Mehdi is found liable for the fraud and if justice will be served for those who lost their investments.


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