protect yourself from potential scammers by being aware of impersonation scams, as warned by kelowna rcmp. find out if your security is at risk.

Is Your Security at Risk? Kelowna RCMP Warning of Scam Involving Impersonators!

Residents in Kelowna are being urged to stay vigilant as the RCMP warns of a concerning scam scheme involving impersonators. With security at stake, it’s essential to be informed and take precautions to avoid falling victim to potential threats. Let’s delve into the details of this growing security concern and how you can protect yourself in an increasingly digital world.

The Kelowna RCMP recently issued a cautionary alert concerning an intricate scam that resulted in a significant financial loss for a local resident. This elaborate scheme, reported on June 26, has highlighted the extent to which fraudsters will go to deceive their victims.

How the Scam Unfolded

According to the police, the scheme began with an innocent-looking text message from a well-known online retailer. The victim was informed that several accounts under their name were being investigated for fraud. Trusting the message, the individual was instructed to call a phone number supposedly linked to the retailer’s security team.

Upon calling, the victim was connected to someone posing as a security agent. The fraudsters escalated their deceit by transferring the call to an alleged Canadian Anti-Fraud unit where another imposter continued the charade.

Manipulative Tactics and Red Flags

In order to resolve the so-called issue, the victim was coerced into withdrawing $4,800 in cash. They were then directed to deposit the money into a “verification machine,” which turned out to be a bitcoin terminal—a significant red flag for potential fraud.

The victim’s suspicion grew at this point, leading them to threaten contacting the police. The fraudsters, sensing danger, immediately hung up the call.

Further Deception and Final Loss

Undeterred, the scammers took their deception a step further. The victim was subsequently contacted by an individual using the Kelowna RCMP’s non-emergency phone number. Posing as a police officer, the scammer provided a fake name and badge number to add a veneer of legitimacy.

Through further manipulation, the imposter convinced the victim to proceed with the deposit by falsely claiming there was a warrant out for their arrest, and paying was the sole resolution. Unfortunately, the victim complied and later confirmed the fraud with the real RCMP after discovering no such officer existed in their ranks.

RCMP’s Advice and Preventative Measures

Cpl. Michael Gauthier of the Kelowna RCMP emphasized the importance of community education to recognize and prevent such scams. He advises:

  • Avoid withdrawing and depositing money into bitcoin terminals or similar mechanisms without verification.
  • Be wary of any requests involving the purchase of gift cards, such as i-Tunes cards, as payment methods.
  • Always confirm the legitimacy of suspicious communications by directly contacting the RCMP or the relevant authorities.

For further information on ongoing scams and how to safeguard against them, residents are encouraged to visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Empowering the Community

Understanding these schemes is crucial for personal security. By raising awareness and informing others about these fraudulent tactics, communities can collectively curb the incidence of such crimes. Stay vigilant, informed, and always verify suspicious communications to protect yourself and your finances.


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