The challenge of regulatory transaction reporting

Since 2008, financial institutions have experienced an avalanche of regulation; the US introduced the Dodd-Frank act which was followed by EMIR and MiFID II in Europe. Of course, as organizations are now invariably global, it isn’t just US or European regulations that need to be tracked and adhered to. Tracking regulations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and Australia also becomes a necessity for many global firms. Add to this the complexity

of extraterritoriality with regulation coming out of the US that affects everyone trading in US stocks and fixed- income instruments, and similarly EU regulations which affect the US, Australia, Singapore and beyond.

When it comes to regulatory reporting, there are many different challenges, several of which will be discussed in this in-depth opinion paper by Fiona Hamilton, Research Director at Volante Technologies. This paper looks at transaction reporting, specifically post-trade regulatory reporting regimes, rather than trade reporting. They’re related but they pose different challenges.

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